Our vision for Canada

We believe that it is time for a generational value shift.

For too long we have elected and been led by political parties that benefit from, and exploit, deep divisions within our communities and our society.

This cynical approach to politics places balanced budgets above healthy communities and uses wedge politics to keep us divided. It has caused a huge swath of the population, on both side of the political spectrum, to distrust the very institutions and structures that ensure we are able to maintain our democracy.

While we recognize that the very foundation of our Canadian democracy is built on a dark and problematic history of colonization, we also know that it is not through fomenting further division that we will be able to build a more just and equitable society.

In order to build a post-capitalist society, we need to focus on building healthy communities, and find the areas and issues that unite us. We must strive to take care of those most in need.

We need to bring issues of mental health, community, and wellness to the foreground.

We need to patiently invest in long-term solutions, not just band-aids, in order to address the underlying ailments in our society.

We need to place a higher value on altruism rather than competition, when building our economy and planning for our society.

This is the Green approach. Throughout our campaign, we will be demonstrating the way that we intend to communicate and represent the party's policy, on the key issues of our time.

We will demonstrate that Greens play a vitally important role in Canadian politics and that we are relevant, current, and organized. 


Now is the time for Green values to take a central place in Canadian politics and society.

With your help and support, we can change the paradigm and build a stronger more inclusive Canada together


Themes that we look forward to addressing, throughout this campaign:

Ambitious action to address the climate & environmental crisis in this decade, rooted in social justice. 

  • Having the courage to firmly regulate the fossil fuel industry in line with climate science, in order to protect and restore health in our ecosystems.
  • Supporting our municipalities to achieve excellence in urban design, delivering results for climate action, public health, affordability, economic revitalisation, and community connectedness
  • An inter-city transport revolution for Canada
  • Thriving farming communities: agriculture that is financially sustainable for farming families and communities, and sustainable for our land, and our water

Deepening our Democracy

  • Strategies for achieving Proportional Representation
  • Deliberative Democracy
  • Returning political financing to democratic principles
  • Building the progressive majority in parliament
  • Youth empowerment and representation in politics

The wellbeing economy

  • Towards a Universal Basic Income
  • Deep tax reform
  • Livable minimum wages
  • Valuing the work of caregivers
  • Investing in the future of our universal healthcare system
  • Homes are for people: fixing our imbalanced housing market

Social justice and Inclusion

  • Towards a post-Colonial society: the journey of Truth and Reconciliation
  • Protecting the disability community: reforms to MAID, and disability benefits
  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression in our policing and justice systems
  • Canada's place in the world: international aid, and imagining a nonviolent Canadian military

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