Internal Party reform

Our Priorities for the party

In the last few years, our party has been through a lot of turmoil. This is a moment where we are offered the opportunity to redesign and rebuild the foundations of our party, to be more secure, sustainable, inclusive, and democratic than we've ever been.

By taking the time to patiently invest in designing and creating that renewed, sustainable foundation, we will be able to able to take the party to its next level of success.

Our ultimate goal, and guiding light, is to drive forward the progressive public policies that Canada needs. We believe that to best drive political change, Greens need to gain the power of numbers, in Canada's parliament. Our minimum target, is at least 12 seats in the House of Commons, and Official Party Status. We want to achieve this goal during our term in party leadership.

To achieve 12 seats in parliament, we need to aim for a full slate of excellent candidates, including high-ambition campaigns in 60-100 ridings across the country where local teams have the intention not just to represent party values, but to build power, and to win.

To get from where we are today, to that very tangible goal, our first priority is to develop a healthy organizational culture. Because as they saying goes, 'Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, and Structure for lunch'.

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