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We are running a joint campaign for coleadership, but due to Elections Canada regulations, candidates must fundraise separately. 

Our campaign is funded by grassroots supporters like you chipping in what they can, when they can. We aim to raise $100,000 each.

Donate to either Chad or Anna now, with the aim of growing their campaign funding at the same rate.

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For transparency, our budget breakdown is as follows:

  • 55% for paying equitable wages to our campaign core team. While we have many volunteers, we want to properly compensate those who are working full-time, so they can pay their bills. Your donation is solidarity, helping them live well, while working for the change we all want to see.
  • 25% for outreach tools and technology, like this website, and our database, phone-calling system, social media advertising, and mail-outs.
  • 10% is for professional services, like an auditor (required by Elections Canada), a professional videographer, and professional translation.
  • 10% is for travel and other assorted costs: we want Chad and Anna to be able to meet Greens face to face, across the country!

Any donation of $25 or more is eligible for a 3 year party membership, making you eligible to vote for Anna & Chad in this leadership race.


All contributions are eligible for federal political contribution tax credits.

Tax receipts are issued by February of the following year, in time for tax submission.

 Table demonstrating tax credits for donations

Note: If you are low-income and do not pay income tax, these credits will not give you a tax benefit. This is one of the reasons that Greens support reform of political financing; the current rules favour the voice of the wealthy. A 'per vote subsidy', scrapped by Stephen Harper, would democratize political financing.

If you support the vision of getting big money out of politics, donate what you can today!

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