Chad Walcott


Chad Walcott is a community engagement expert with 10 years of experience in politics and social development. Throughout his career, he has developed and overseen several successful social impact and economic development campaigns that have had lasting positive impacts. An experienced fundraiser, Chad was able to provide guidance and coaching to hundreds of individuals looking to raise funds for Cancer and Alzheimer's research on behalf of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, over the course of 2.5 years.

A Montreal native, Chad earned a bachelor's in Political Science from Concordia University. While at Concordia, Chad developed his mobilization and governance skills through his involvement in student government as Vice President of External Affairs at the Concordia Student Union (CSU). In this role, Walcott was mandated to lead student mobilization during the 2011-12 Maple Spring. With this mandate he oversaw the largest student assembly in Concordia's history, lead the largest student mobilization campaign in Concordia Universities' history, and was called upon, by his peers, to lead the largest student demonstration in Quebec history. At the end of his term with the CSU, Chad was presented with an award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life.

This period in his life taught him valuable lessons about the importance of having an informed and engaged citizenry. Since then, he has strived to be a resource for a positive impact in his community. 

Chad has a passion for grassroots community organizing and places a high value on leading by example and empowering the people around him. Chad ran on these principles as a representative of the Green Party of Quebec in the 2018 provincial election, where he achieved the second highest result for the Party.

He believes the role of the Green Party of Canada Leader is to embody and promote Green values. As Leader, Chad hopes to position the party as a resource for building community leaders. By leading by example, Chad hopes to bring positive culture change to the Green Party of Canada and to Canadian politics as a whole, by fostering a sense of inclusion and mutual respect between communities and parties.


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