Anna Keenan in a suit jacket



Anna Keenan is a professional community organizer, with 15 years of international campaigning experience.

Born in Australia, Anna graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 with degrees in physics and economics. Anna first encountered climate change through her scientific studies, but a placement at the US Capitol helped her discover her political calling.  

As a Climate & Energy campaigner with Greenpeace International in Europe, Anna served on campaign teams that shifted energy policies in the global IT sector, and that focused on policies for rapidly up-scaling renewable energy. While there, she met her Canadian-born husband. After a brief period in Montréal, they moved to Prince Edward Island to start a family and support his parents, as his mother began her journey with early-onset Alzheimer's.

Anna has recently served with global climate advocacy group, where she has also led labour organizing efforts.

Anna has applied her leadership skills in PEI’s vibrant cultural, community, and advocacy sectors, including serving as President of the provincial Greens, She guided the party through a period of rapid growth and professionalization in 2016-17, laying the essential foundations for their 2019 breakthrough as the first Green Official Opposition anywhere in North America. She has served on many local and national nonprofit boards, including PEI’s Coalition for Proportional Representation, Fair Vote Canada, Bike Friendly Communities, and the River Clyde Theatre Festival.

After becoming a Canadian citizen, Anna ran as the Green candidate in the last two federal elections, in her rural riding of Malpeque. Both election results placed her within the party’s top 6 candidates nationwide. She has served as Democratic Institutions Critic in the party’s Shadow Cabinet since 2019. 

Anna is also a dancer, a stilt-walker, an amateur ukulele player, and a mom. Her family shares their productive 90-acre property with one other family, and enjoy mountain biking and cross-country skiing together.

Anna was drawn to the Green Party as it reflects her values like inclusion, ambitious climate action, democratic participation, and health in our local communities. Embodying the fresh outlook of a new generation of politicians, Anna Keenan is breathing new life into Canada’s political landscape.


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