Why co-leadership


We want to intentionally shift Canada away from the current ego-centric, personality-driven, single-leader model of Canadian politics. As Greens, we believe in distributing responsibility amongst all MPs in a parliament and encouraging increased empowerment and independence of elected representatives from all parties. We want to model that cultural shift, as Greens.

The Keenan-Walcott co-leadership model is based on the following core principles:

1- Shared accountability: Co-leadership is more deliberative and can be extra confident in their final decisions, knowing that they are supported by both leaders. The burden of leadership is shared.

2 - Democratic renewal: Co-leadership represents a first step in the deep reform of how politics is done in Canada. We believe that electoral reform is needed to end “the cult of the leader” and the unilateral decision-making culture that currently exists in Canadian politics. We must move away from the American model of zero-sum politics, which thrives on division and conflict. Moving away from polarization, towards deep inclusion, and citizen responsibility. 

3 - Community Wellbeing: Co-Leadership promotes collective decision-making. We must work to reconnect with each other, with what matters, in our communities. We have to relearn how to communicate with one another. Our model seeks to project a sense of collaboration at the highest levels of decision-making. We owe it to ourselves to slow down and listen to each other in order to come to the best decisions for ourselves and for the generations to come.


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