Chad Walcott and Anna Keenan release plan for the first six months of their leadership

Chad Walcott and Anna Keenan, who are running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada, released their plan today for the first six months following their potential November 19 election by the members, aligning with their slogan “renewal, responsibility and results”.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Consulting with civil society and the Green parliamentary caucus to design and launch 3 focused policy campaigns where the Greens can make a tangible difference in 2023, and linking these campaigns with fundraising to re-stabilize the party’s stressed financial situation.
  • A month-long listening tour to build relationships with stakeholders in other bodies of the party’s Federal Council and Fund Board, before commissioning an external evaluation to identify any areas of mission drift within these bodies and propose solutions to realign these bodies and address the deficiencies that have led to internal conflict in the last 2 years.
  • Launching a “Green Leaders’ Network”, a training cohort for local party organizers across the country, with the aim of setting the party up for high-ambition campaigns in at least 60 ridings at the next election.

“Our vision is for a Green Party with a positive, professional, get-things-done internal culture, ready to drive the changes that Greens are known for, and which other parties are failing to deliver, despite their promises to do so,” said Keenan, while on the virtual campaign trail from her home province of Prince Edward Island. “We want to support party members and district associations to grow their presence in their communities, so we can get results.”

“As leaders, we want to see this party run high-ambition, competitive campaigns in at least 60 ridings, to set us up for being able to earn at least 12 seats and official party status, at the next election” adds Walcott. “This plan focuses on internal party re-stabilisation, so we can move forward together, to effectively push for our shared goals of ambitious climate action and environmental protection; democratic renewal and proportional representation, and a shift towards a wellbeing-oriented economy and society.”

Members of the Green Party of Canada will elect a new leader on November 19th, 2022. Anna Keenan and Chad Walcott are running as co-leaders, with a commitment to serving as equal partners under the current structure of a leader and deputy leader, until a motion to amend the party constitution can be brought to the members at a future Annual General Meeting.


Our "First 6 months" plan

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