Anna Keenan and Chad Walcott launch Green Party leadership campaign

OTTAWA, ON - Anna Keenan of Hope River, PEI and Chad Walcott of Montreal, Quebec launched their campaign today for co-leadership of the Green Party of Canada, under the slogan, “Renewal, responsibility, results”.

Keenan and Walcott are running a combined co-leadership campaign, and if either of them becomes the next leader of the Green Party of Canada, one of their commitments is to work with the membership to review and reform the party constitution, including allowing for co-leadership structures. Until the party constitution can be updated, Keenan and Walcott commit to leading the party together, as equals, within the current structure of a leader and deputy leader. Co-leadership is a successful model in political parties around the world, including the German Greens and the Greens of Aotearoa New Zealand, who are part of their respective current governing coalitions. In Canada, Quebec Solidaire is a current example of co-leadership. 

Keenan, 36, and Walcott, 34, have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector and strong performances as Green Party candidates. Keenan has been among the strongest Green candidates in the country by vote share, finishing second in her rural riding of Malpeque in 2019, and receiving the fourth best Green result nationally in 2021. Chad Walcott received the second-highest vote share among Green Party of Quebec candidates in the 2018 provincial election in his home riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

“We are ready to work together, as equal partners, to bring Green values to the floor of Canada’s parliament,” said Keenan alongside Walcott. “We already have a party that is truly progressive and dedicated to addressing the interconnected crises of poverty, climate destruction, and the erosion of democracy around the world. Now, more than ever, we need Green governance in this country. Now is the time for we Greens to organize, to take responsibility, and get results. We want to take our party to the next level of impact.”

In his speech in Ottawa, Walcott told supporters, “Canadians have become disillusioned and disengaged from politics. We saw this with the disappointing turnout in the Ontario election, where only the Greens saw their number of votes increase, while other parties’ supporters stayed home. By working together, we can offer Canadians an alternative that not only inspires them to show up and vote but empowers them with the tools to bring about the change they want to see in their communities.”

The Green Party of Canada officially opened the leadership contest today, August 31st, and will elect a new leader on November 19th, with the first round of voting in mid-October. To vote in the first round, people must become members by September 14th.


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